Knee Joints



  • Very stable 5 Bar Knee with a large stance flexion angle (up to 12°)
  • Pneumatic cylinder with independent flexion extension adjustment for swing phase
  • Can be used for either above knee or knee disarticulation
  • All axes have built-in bearing which allow for ultra smooth walking movement
  • Extensive alignment adjusting abilities for a smooth and natural gait pattern
  • Polycentric knee with stance flexion control for maximum safety during stance
  • Best suited to be used for low to high K3 level
  • Practitioner adjustable from extreme stability to high stance flexion
  • Adjustable extension assist Optional adapters: Pyramid (AK) and Lotus (KD)

Top Adaptor Lotus Adaptor Pyramid Adaptor
Build Height 183.8mm 177.5mm
Knee Center to Dome 30.3mm 24mm
Amputation Level Transfemoral amputation Transfemoral amputation
Activity Level K3 K3
Knee Weight 998g 976g
Max. Weight Bearing 125 Kg/275 lbs 125 Kg/275 lbs
Max. Flexion Angle 135° 135°
Bottom Adaptor Tube clamp Tube clamp
Warranty 2 years 2 years



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